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5 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

Every business study proves that e-commerce is on the snowballing stage and will continue to grow. If you haven’t made an online stance for your business yet, it is time to make your first move. Not everyone has a huge capital to invest in every possible method for growing in the online field. You should know which strategy to invest your money to boost your presence in the internet. There are numerous strategies provided by many marketing gurus for online growth.

Here are the top 5  Proven  strategies to Grow  your business Online

Content is king

Start by creating a website. Just a blank website with the list of products or pictures of them with a high security product cart and payment method will take you nowhere. Your website is the face of your business. The content in your site should be clear, simple, crisp and most importantly, attractive. Talk about your business, your products and advantages, communicate every element of your business. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Add as much pictures as possible. Create content to target your audience, in particular.


Adding the best content in every page of your site during launch and leaving it as such for the next five to ten years would make your site obsolete. More than 60% of the businesses create new content in their site, every day (source).  If you need to stay out unique, consistently create new content. Create a blog page; add interesting details about the products and services. If you have any celebrations in your company or new milestones achieved, add pictures to create a personal touch.


Why do people love to do business online? It is simple, fast and convenient. If there is a query or they need a quote, with online business, things can get done within the shortest time possible. No customer will wait for 24 hours for you to mail him or her details that she need. Every communication should be done as soon as possible.

Live chat option is the best way to add more a personalized view to your business. Live chat is not something new in trend. It has been in the process since 2000s and now, it has become the best way for customer support and interaction with new customers. The average response time for email queries is 12 hours, 10 hours for social media sites and for live chats; you are expected to respond within a minute.

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Move to mobile

The number of smartphone users has increased monumentally in this decade. Now, the number of users choosing to operate your website in their smartphone is higher than those using desktop or laptops. Thus, providing a responsive site to adapt to the mobile screen or creating exclusive mobile apps are quite very essential to have a wide audience.

Does responsive web design sound very new to you? Read Responsive Web Design to get a basic understanding of the concept.

Consider social media and directories

You need to keep in touch with the customers through every channel of communication. This includes the social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Creating videos about your product usage or other similar information in YouTube is one of the growing methods of attracting customers. Another best way to cover as much audience as possible is by choosing directories like. Most importantly, it is better to be a part of local directories like  simple search Trinidad and Tobago to get a better reach. When customers want to choose from numerous choices for a need, they tend to surf through directories and choose one. Thus, make sure to be a part of every possible online directories and search engines.

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Create a distinction

No matter what business you are into, there will be at least ten competitors for you. Thus, you need to be exclusive for your customers. With online search engine, shifting from one site to another is very easy. Thus, a tint of distinction is very important. If you choose a niche, you need to have an array of all exclusive items in that category. This will help to create a characteristic for your site. If you could create an exclusive brand, you can maintain a competitive edge over the other players in the market.

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According to Jay Abraham, leading business consultant, the first step for business growth is to acquire a name for you in the market. You need to offer something different to allure the customers towards you. It can be as simple as free shipping or advanced characteristics like exclusive niche product line.

There is no one right strategy to follow. You need to figure out a way to popularize your brand to the public. Your name should frequently be shown as best business to choose. You have to try every method to find a way to extract the attention of the current lot of potential customers.

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