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5 Things to Remember While Stepping Into a Restaurants

Eating at a restaurant is now more than just a convenient meal. Today, it has been turned into a casual lifestyle and more of a social status. With more and more restaurants popping out like mushrooms, it is quite important to know whether you are choosing the right restaurant to dine.Once you have chosen the restaurant of your choice, what should you keep in mind, while visiting it? Here are the top five things to add to your list

Restaurant menu

Every meal in the menu is designed and descripted in flowery language to induce appetite. Thus, it does not mean that just because the name of a dish is tempting, the actual meal might be. The pictures in the menu (if any) would be represent what you are about to receive, always. There will be fine prints at the end of the menu that you might overlook. Ask the waiter to read out the specials, ask him about the dish that you are about to receive and most importantly check whether the picture of the dish expresses the product.

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Choose the right time

According to a popular study, the best time to visit a restaurant is from 6 to 7 pm. The place will be less busy and you would be ordering the first batch of dishes and the staffs will be very fresh and lively for you. A calm environment will make you feel satisfied about the meal. Do not choose to visit the restaurant when it is about to close and demand a full attention from the staffs.

House wine

It does not show your status if you order the costliest wine from the cellar. Do you know that the house wines of the restaurants are stocked for exact pairing with their chef’s special dishes? If you do not have a brand or year in mind, just go with the house wine.

Sodium will be sky high

70% of restaurant eaters try to choose healthier options according to a recent statistics. No matter how healthy you managed to choose your dishes from the menu, sodium intake will be quite high. This is the horrible truth for restaurants with children menu. The dishes in the children menu will be fried and salty. If possible, order something that your child likes from the normal menu and share it with your kid. Also, while dining out; make sure to drink as much fluid as possible. By fluid, we mean water or fresh juice.


It is not just about the children menu being too salty. It is best to order a minimum number of dishes and share before you order more. If the restaurant were new, you would not be familiar with the plate and serving size. In case of dessert, a bite or two can curb your craving and you might end up finishing the plate just for the sake of it.
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The last and important tip of all times is to treat your waiter with respect. Just because he trolleys your food, you cannot lash at him for everything you have in mind. The main aim of your restaurant visit is to enjoy a peaceful and happy time with your special ones.

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