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Be Mindful Of These Sales Trends

Most of us remember door-to-door sales men going around selling goodies. We bought from them and had the weekly schedules etched in our minds. Today, we wouldn’t recommend that same approach for salesmen. We may even consider such approach to be a nuisance; an unwelcome interruption to our daily routines.

Sales tactics and consumer behaviour have changed. It’s obvious that the strategies used decades ago are insufficient now. In order to survive and continue delighting customers, business owners must pay attention to current sales trends. Here are some of the sales trends business owners should be paying attention to in 2020:

Personalize Your Sales Process Even With More Online Interaction

Digital trends have made it easier and more convenient to purchase anything online. Despite consumers flocking online and embracing technology, a recent study found that 70% of consumers still prefer human interaction.

Business owners must be prepared to offer a high-quality customer experience digitally. This could be achieved with the use of Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools. CRM tools can be integrated with online chat boxes and into your websites for customers to easily ask questions.

Diversifying Digital Lead Sources

In the digital realm, business owners should no longer rely on a single lead source. Businesses who expect sales leads to come from only in-store traffic risk being displaced or disrupted. Businesses could use content marketing to produce and distribute content. This approach expands your business reach by tapping into the endless platforms provided by the internet.

Businesses may also take advantage of social media platforms to share images and videos of promoting their brand. This could include sales pitches and deal offers to generate relevant leads.

Stay Focused

Business must pay attention the the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will influence how we approach sales in the future. Business owners need to be sensitive to job losses and the reduction in disposal income in many households. Company must keep these factors in mind as they reach out to customers.


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