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Being A Market Leader Means You Must Offer Convenience To Customers

With the prevalence of Gen Xers and Millennials in the shopping space, many of them are interested in how easy it is to do business with you. Research shows that customers are willing to pay more for a product or service and give up loyalty programs to have more convenience or some ease to shop. One such convenience is accessibility through shopping online. Most local businesses seem to think that being online just involves having an online listing or a social media page. But your customers want more. They want to order items online or even request quotes for more complex sales. Many customers prefer this interaction through an online shopping place than a website because it gives them ore options and holds all stores to account for their products and services on a platform with other competitors. This way, consumers believe they are truly shopping for the best deal instead of hopping from website to website.

Over 55% of T&T’s population is made up with Gen Xers and Millennials.

For local Trinidad and Tobago businesses, there is a massive opportunity to disrupt the market and cash-in on the over US$500M spent annually on international ecommerce shopping by local Trinidadians.

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Using innovative technology to improve customer experience can transform your business. The traditional concept of relying on foot traffic isn’t sustainable for any business in 2018 and beyond. These days the “foot traffic” is now surfing the internet and purchasing from stores who offer more convenience. We believe this is the major reason for US$500M being spent on overseas merchandise instead of right here in Trinidad & Tobago.

Return on Investment

Let’s think for a moment about how much easier it is for your customer to make a purchase if they have access to your store 24/7 – it means your store is never closed. This alone is a major return on investment for your business. What would be the operating costs of having your shop open 24/7 versus purchasing an online store? Simple Search Media Ltd offers stores  at very affordable rates for large or small businesses. The operating costs of having your brick and mortar store open 24/7 can run you up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. You can get a store from Simple Search Media for a fraction of that cost with more benefits than a physical store.

Having an online store opens your business to all customers. Therefore, your potential to expand your customer base is exponential. In most cases, your investment on an online store from Simple Search Media is covered with less than 4 new customers per month.

Did you know that customers who purchase from you online are more likely to purchase from you again than a walk-in customer? So with an online store, your potential to retain customers is much higher than not having a store at all.

We believe that strong market leaders only survive because they are customer focused. Businesses need to spend more time offering convenience to consumers and building a great service online. Simple Search Media is local company with the technology, skills and expertise to help you.



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