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Most of us remember door-to-door sales men going around selling goodies. We bought from them and had the weekly schedules etched in our minds. Today, we wouldn’t recommend that same approach for salesmen. We may even consider such approach to be a nuisance; an unwelcome interruption to our daily routines. Sales tactics and consumer behaviour have changed. It’s obvious that the strategies used decades ago are insufficient now. In order to survive and continue delighting customers, business owners must pay attention to current sales trends. Here are some of the sales trends business owners should be paying attention to in 2020: Personalize Your Sales Process Even With More Online Interaction Digital trends have made it easier and more convenient to …


Starting a business could be daunting. With recent lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, even restarting a business is daunting. Cashflow becomes a critical issue and not much money is left over for any marketing. Traditional print advertising, including phone book advertising, is very costly, hard to customise and fails to yield any measurable return on investment. The internet offers a huge opportunity to market your business on a budget and measure the results. Google, Bing and Yahoo all allow you to list your business for free. Once you’ve registered your business, there are several other inexpensive tools to help you market your business. Organic Search There are several things you can do to raise your company’s ranking in the organic search …


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