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As Black Friday draws closer, it marks the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season in the US. For us in Trinidad & Tobago, Black Friday has been adopted in a similar way to the meaning in the US; although, for us, I suspect the shopping starts right before Divali. Some local stores even offer their own version of Black Friday sales. To prove it, we have the videos of excited shoppers at several stores fighting over items on sale. As a business, everything you do between now and Christmas will determine if this holiday season was a success for you. Downplaying the importance of this season has dire consequences for any business. If the US trends by the National …


When in business, staying relevant is an ongoing challenge. One key part of remaining relevant is your branding and how consumers interact with it. There are so many different things to consider and you should brush up on your reading and then consider partnering with experts to ensure your brand is well represented. Here are some books that stand out to us at Simple Search Media: 1. Defining Brand Identity: An Essential Guide For The Whole Branding Team by Alina Wheeler. No doubt, businesses want to build an awesome brand and create an amazing experience for their customers. If you’re no different, this book by Alina Wheeler is a superb guide. She offers in-depth knowledge on virtually everything you need …


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