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How Do I Market By Business Online On A Small Budget

Starting a business could be daunting. With recent lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, even restarting a business is daunting. Cashflow becomes a critical issue and not much money is left over for any marketing. Traditional print advertising, including phone book advertising, is very costly, hard to customise and fails to yield any measurable return on investment.

The internet offers a huge opportunity to market your business on a budget and measure the results. Google, Bing and Yahoo all allow you to list your business for free. Once you’ve registered your business, there are several other inexpensive tools to help you market your business.

Organic Search

There are several things you can do to raise your company’s ranking in the organic search section of any search engine listing. Organic search refers to the unpaid search listings on any search engine results displayed. Optimizing your online presence to rank high in organic search depends on how well your website is search engine optimised (SEO). There are a few things you can do on your own to improve your SEO and therefore drive more customers to your site.

To improve your search engine ranking, you should continuously update your site with new information and blog posts. This ensures your site will always remain relevant. Content will be a crucial factor for generating blogs and other posts, so it’s wise to ensure you’re always generating content.

Emails Lists

Generating a list of emails is a quick and easy way to promote your business. We advise that you should receive permission from email owners to send them any content from your business. Using an email list is potentially a huge opportunity for high return on investment. There are several platforms which allow you to create a list, segment it, create flyers or other promotional items and then send to your email list. It’s advisable to collect emails via your website as you interact with customers. Email lists allow you to maintain contact with your customers and offer them promotions ensuring they keep your business top of mind.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are all avenues that allow you to target very specific audiences for a small investment. Your can create business pages for free, post videos and other content. If you need to target a specific audience with some ads, there is a small fee and this can be customised to any specific demographic. Most platforms offer the ability to determine how long you want your ads to run and the daily budget you wish to invest.

Additionally, there are several other low cost or free marketing tools that businesses can use to market their products or services online. Simple Search Media has a team of experienced professionals to help you select the best options for your business. If you need help on marketing your business online with a small budget, email us at growyourbusiness@simplesearchtt.com


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