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COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many. It has forced business to consider new ways of interacting with customers. Effectively, the pandemic has highlighted a well-established fact – Digital commerce is no longer a luxury and companies need an strong online presence to survive. This goes beyond having a poor performing website or poor strategy around some form of digital marketing. Businesses need to ask some critical questions. Is you company ready and prepared to handle the emerging trend of doing business online? Do you have the capability to innovate and make your business more efficient through the introduction of new technology to your processes? Why is it so important for businesses to reframe how their communicate or transact business …


The holiday season is synonymous with shopping, sharing and giving. Consumer spending during the holiday season is typically the largest economic stimulus for many businesses and nations. Consumers spend at brick and mortar stores is prevalent, however, in 2018, consumers are moving their purchasing powers to more convenient ways…online. The marketing plans for any business around the holiday season must be robust and strategic. The strategies can be geared towards building brand reach and loyalty through campaigns that delight consumers. If you have not finalised your marketing plans, here are some ideas to boost your sales: Count Down Specials A fun way to engage your audience is through an advent calendar. This is a useful calendar used to countdown the …


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