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Consumers are spending more time online researching products before they make a purchase. Not only are they spending more time doing research but the purchasing dollars of consumers are now taking hold in our local T&T market. According to statistics from the Ministry of Finance, approximately US$500M was spent on purchases online in 2017 alone. Businesses should have already began the discussion on how to transition their business to take advantage of online commerce. With e-commernce rapidly increasing, there is a huge potential for traditional stores to leverage technologies and digital solutions to stay competitive and relevant. The competition for local companies comes from local, regional and international segments. Consumers are shopping for products online and due to convenience factors, …


Online Shopping Making Its Mark In T&T It’s a known fact the consumers are notoriously unpredictable. Oftentimes, businesses have a difficult time trying to predict what will make their customers happy. In fact, some businesses spend a large amount of time training staff on managing the entire customer journey during interaction with the brand. Still, the predictability of consumer behavior eludes most businesses. How are business owners expected to survive in a world where consumers demand more, and trends are ever-changing? Read More –  How Online Shopping Making Life Easier The business landscape has seen several shifts in the last few years. I remember when user reviews were the holy grail for advertisers to attract new customers. This is still …


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