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You Should Ask These 3 Questions At Your Next Job Interview

We’ve learned to spend time fine-tuning our CV’s and resumes in the hopes of scoring an interview for our dream job. We complete the resumes, spend an inordinate amount of time researching our prospective employer and learning as much as we can about the roles.

But what happens when we finally walk into the interview room and face the homestretch? We get nervous and some of our well rehearsed answers to anticipated questions seem to escape us. Then before we know it, the interview ends, and we’re back on our way thinking of all the questions we should have asked.

Hopefully, this article makes it easier for you to remember at least three questions you need to ask:

  1. How does the company focus on team development? A recent Gallup poll showed that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by as much as 50%.  Further, an employee with a best friend at work is seven times more likely to be fully satisfied with their job and more likely to stay on. With this in mind, it makes sense to ask the interviewer about the company’s focus on
    Key Questions To Ask During An Interview

    team development and/or participation. Will you be seen as an equal on the team even with organisational structural systems? Is the company open to new ideas from new comers? How does the company invest resources into team building? The answers to those questions will give you a fair grasp about the company culture and how you will be able to integrate into the new workplace.

  2. Why do your company members enjoy working for you? This question will help you gather information on what current employees think of their workplace. Are they employees just to get by and pay the bills or do they truly love the organisation they work for? You will get some insight into the sense of pride and appreciation of the employees.
  3. How will your position support the company’s objectives? Of course, you should have done your homework on the company’s mission and objectives. So, you should have a fairly good idea of how you will contribute to company goals. It’s still worth asking this question to ensure that your exceptions are aligned with that of the company. It will give you a chance to address any misalignments in expectations.

Those are our top 3 picks for questions you need to ask on a job interview. We deliberately left out questions on compensation. They will be addressed in subsequent blogs. Stay tuned…

Good luck at your next interview.


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